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Broad Street Run

Final Countdown to the Broad Street Run: All The Info You Need

By on 05/03/2017

It’s race week! The big day is finally on the horizon, and that means you only have a few days left to make all of your final preparations for the Broad Street Run.

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Before you head out to the starting line – right in front of Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia! – make sure you’re all caught up on all of the great tips, tricks and information that you need for the race:

Things Only Broad Street Runners Know

From using historic sites as mile markers to the eccentric sights and crowds of Broad Street, there are certain things that you will only find at the largest 10-miler in the nation.

Check out the things that only Broad Street Runners know.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Wheelchair Racing

Did you know that the Broad Street Run features an elite wheelchair racing division? Here are some things you should know about wheelchair racing – especially if you are running in this year’s race.

Learn the five things you should know about wheelchair racing here.

The Most Important Equipment You’ll Need For The Broad Street Run

You’ve spent months training for the Broad Street Run, but there are things you may not think about that are just as important as being prepared physically.

From sunscreen and rain gear to the right sports bra, here are the most essential pieces of equipment you need for a successful race.

DOs and DON’Ts for the Broad Street Run

Do show up to the starting line ready to run 10 miles. Don’t show up to the starting line ready to run 10 miles without reading these important Dos and Don’ts!

The Best Places to Use the Bathroom Before the Broad Street Run

It’s important to use the restroom before a big race, but in the chaos of finding your corral and getting mentally ready to run 10 miles, you may forget that you have to relieve yourself.

Don’t just use the ground or bushes around you—it’s rude to your fellow participants and property owners! Here are five of the best places to go before you go.

25 Landmarks to See While You Run

As you know, Philadelphia is quite historic, and there are some amazing things to see while traveling down Broad Street.

When you need a good distraction from your aching legs or want to forget the fact that you’re only on mile 3, keep an eye out for these cool sights!

Tips for a Pain-Free, Heart-Healthy Run

Do you have orthopedic or heart issues? Simply want to run a heart healthy race and stay pain free?

Check out some great tips from Einstein experts, exclusively from NBC10.

The Broad Street Run Is Over. Now What?

You did it; you finished the Broad Street Run! Congratulations!

After you’re done pumping your fist in celebration and making sure you don’t cramp up, what do you do next? Refuel with a celebratory beer?

Here are some tips from an Einstein Registered Dietician on when you’re in the clear for a beer and what your body really needs after a 10-miler. Now go celebrate, you’ve earned it!

Now go celebrate, you’ve earned it!

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