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Gender-Affirming Voice Therapy at MossRehab

By on 06/13/2022

Someone on a pathway of gender affirmation may take many steps, such as a name change, hormone treatment and sometimes even surgery.

One type of care that’s less well known is voice therapy. Learning to alter the pitch and other qualities of the voice may help people who are transgender (with a gender identity different from that assigned at birth) or gender expansive (having gender expression and identity beyond expected societal norms) to literally “find their voice” – one that expresses their identity.

At MossRehab, Speech-Language Pathologist Alyssa Giegerich, MA, CCC-SLP, specializes in gender-affirming voice therapy.

Learn more about this type of therapy and the services Giegerich provides in this article on the MossRehab blog:

A New Soundtrack: Gender-affirming Voice Therapy

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