Stacy Robinson, an Einstein operating room technician in Labor and Delivery
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Her Family Ties to Einstein Run Deep and Wide

By on 08/10/2020

Many employees refer to Einstein Healthcare Network as a family. For Stacy Robinson, that’s true in more ways than one.

Robinson, a scrub technician in Labor and Delivery, has worked at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia for 35 years.

Her mother once worked here, in the dietary department and as an X-ray technician. Her father once worked here in escort services. She was born here. Her four siblings were born here. Her former husband works here. One of her two sons was born here. Both sons did four years of community service here during high school. She has aunts who worked here in dietary and a cousin who was a nurse here. And she lives less than 10 minutes away.

Now that’s family.

And Robinson has the joy of attending the happiest moment for other families: when their babies are delivered. She sets up the delivery tables, puts gowns and gloves on the doctors, draws blood, transports patients, does electrocardiograms and generally helps out with the moms and babies.

“I love what I do,” Robinson says, referring to the excitement of families welcoming their newborns.

She especially revels in the moments when the new parents experience their first “skin to skin,” a bonding ritual in which the baby is put on the bare chest of the mother or dad for the first time. “The dad takes his shirt off and they put the baby on his chest; the dads love it,” she says.

Robinson lost her own dad in a tragedy. He was shot and killed during a robbery at the age of 36, not long after Robinson’s graduation from Germantown High School in 1981. Her mother and siblings were devastated. Perhaps that helps explain her attraction to profoundly joyous family moments.

And then, too, she was the family’s “miracle baby,” she says, the third of five children. Her mother became suddenly paralyzed when she was pregnant with her, after bending over to put Robinson’s sister into a playpen.

It was suggested that she terminate the pregnancy so she could be treated. She refused. Robinson’s mother spent time in MossRehab recovering and regained her ability to walk.

Robinson was trained as a medical clerk and was recruited to be a scrub technician by a manager in Labor and Delivery who admired her work ethic. She often works additional shifts when the unit is short-staffed – and on her time off, works as a one-on-one attendant to Einstein patients who need individual monitoring, often because they’re emotionally distraught.

“I’ve noticed that in these situations, the patients felt they didn’t have anyone to talk to, or were being judged because of their problems with alcohol or drugs or mental health,” Robinson says. “There were a lot of situations that were sad to me and I’d always get them to laugh. I tell them I’ll come back to check on them and I would.”

Sometimes she’d leave after 16 hours with the patient, and go to the cafeteria to bring them food. “This one girl, she liked hoagies. She wouldn’t eat. I said, ‘I’m off tomorrow, but I’m going to bring you a hoagie.’” And she did.

Robinson is still in touch with one of the patients she attended when she first transferred into Labor and Delivery. The patient had a very difficult birth, was a breast cancer survivor and had many other problems.

“I’d go to the market for her, braid her hair. Another delivery room nurse, Patrice Juliani, and I would take her outside, so she could get fresh air and have a change of scenery.

“I always put myself in the patient’s shoes,” Robinson says. “I’m an advocate for them. They’re here for us to take care of them.”

Aptly spoken by a longtime member of the Einstein family. And next year, Robinson is expanding her own family. On August 14, 2021, she’s getting remarried. (He doesn’t work at Einstein.)

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    Way to go Stacy so proud of you and congratulations

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    Stacy you made me smile, God bless you!

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