Infographic Provides A Look Inside 3D Mammography

By on 04/26/2016

In medical terms, it’s called digital breast tomosynthesis, but it is better known as 3D mammography—and this sophisticated diagnostic tool represents a remarkable development in the early detection of invasive breast cancers. Einstein uses this breast imaging technology at no additional cost to patients, and it was one of the first medical centers in the entire country to do so routinely, starting in 2011.

One additional benefit 3D mammography lies in its lower rates of false positive results. That reduces the need for unnecessary follow-up testing. All told, 3D mammography offers vast benefits compared to the previous 2D screening.

But how does 3D mammography work? Precisely how is it different from 2D? How much more sensitive is this advanced diagnostic and screening tool?

The following interactive infographic explains it all.