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Overuse Injury Prevention

By on 02/03/2015

bobby-nduRunning more than 40 miles a week increases your risk for overuse injuries. These tips and tricks provided by Einstein Orthopedic Surgeon Bobby Ndu, MD can help you minimize your injury risk.


Stretching increases the flexibility of your muscles and tendons, decreasing your chance of injury.


Shoes should be comfortable and well-cushioned. Shoes that are too loose can lead to blistering or forefoot injuries. Shoes that are too tight can lead to circulation issues and significant discomfort.

People who have low arches should choose shoes that provide support in both the front of the shoe and under the arch. Those with high arches should wear shoes with more cushion under the front of the shoe and the heel. Use running shoes rather than cross trainers.


Ankle Sprains are the most common injury in sports: Athletes who have experienced ankle sprains benefit from using a brace or tape to prevent recurrent sprains.

Stress Fractures are small cracks in any of the bones of the foot or ankle due to abnormal repetitive loads. They are also very common among distance runners. These can be prevented by cross-training and varying your workout routine: incorporating pool running, swimming or cycling into your routine.

Muscle soreness is very common. It can be minimized by stretching after workout.

Most common foot and ankle injuries seen in runners:

  • Ankle sprain
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Stress fractures
  • Toenail injuries

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