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Putting a Wheelchair Racing Trainer Through its Paces at MossRehab

By on 12/07/2016

A team of students from the University of Delaware is designing a portable wheelchair racer trainer. Where better to test it but at MossRehab, with a veteran member of the MossRehab-sponsored Global Abilities racing team?

The visit was designed to help the students refine their design for the project, which will continue into next semester. After the team tweaks the trainer based on this week’s visit, it will come back to MossRehab and Global Abilities for further testing at that time. Wesley Chay, MD, Clinical Director, Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilition Inpatient Unit, and Naomi Greenberg, Physical Therapy Team Leader, were on hand to watch the test and offer insights on improving the design.

The goal is to help advance the popularity and accessibility of wheelchair racing as a sport. Testing enabled the U.D. students to gauge the trainer’s speed, stability and resistance.

When it’s ready, the trainer will go to Ghana to assist the country’s first Paralympic wheelchair chair racing club, the Go Get Dem team.

Global Abilities racer Danny Wheeler took the trainer for some high-intensity spins.

Photos by Wes Hilton.

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