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Childhood Obesity

Children's Health

How Much Exercise Do Kids Need?

By on 09/14/2022
Physical activity is important for kids, but do you know how much and what kind is best?
Einstein Untold: Unsung Heroes and Unknown Stories

She Took Action to Help Kids With Obesity

By on 04/26/2021
Peggy Krepto worked with MossRehab to create an exercise program for Montgomery County patients.
Health & Wellness

How to Start Kids on a Path to Healthy Habits

By on 03/25/2020
Here's why it's important to teach kids the value of being active throughout their lives.
Fitness & Nutrition

What Parents Can Do to Raise Healthier Kids

By on 09/19/2018
Here’s how to motivate your kids to be more active so they stay healthier for life.
Health & Wellness

10 Fun Family Fitness Adventures

By on 08/22/2018
These interesting activities can make your next family vacation more adventurous.