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Colorectal Cancer


Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Colonoscopy

By on 02/18/2022
Research shows the system can help find more polyps, which sometimes turn into cancer, than standard colonoscopy.

Answers to Five Common Cancer Questions

By on 02/03/2022
Here’s information about a disease that affects millions of Americans each year.
Cancer Screening

Colon Cancer Screening Expands

By on 08/18/2021
As cancer rates rise, people at average risk now eligible for colonoscopy or other tests starting at age 45.
Cancer Screening

Think You Don’t Need a Colonoscopy? Think Again

By on 03/11/2021
Here’s why you may need a colonoscopy at a younger age than you think.
Meet the Doctor

Meet the Doctor: Michelle DeLeon, MD

By on 02/17/2021
Surgeon loves being able to help prevent as well as treat and even cure colorectal cancer.