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Einstein Obstetrics

Techniques That Keep Labor Going Reduce Cesarean Section Rate

By on 06/26/2019
Birthing ball, peanut ball and other measures help women move more during labor.
Einstein Untold: Unsung Heroes and Unknown Stories

He Cleans Up the Messy Aftereffects of Trauma

By on 06/24/2019
Coping with work in the ER has made him more compassionate and grateful, David Powell says.
A Resident's Journey

Many White Coats: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Education

By on 06/14/2019
How it works, and why it's great for patient care
Einstein Obstetrics

Support in Miscarriage Brought Them Back for a Happy Birth

By on 05/10/2019
Blake and Amy's son, Everett, was born at Einstein.

Series Shares the Ongoing Education of an Einstein Resident

By on 03/20/2019
'A Resident's Journey' shows the system that supports young doctors.