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COVID-19 Infectious Disease

What to Do If You Might Have the Flu, or COVID, or a Cold

By on 11/12/2021
A guide to prevention, symptoms and treatment as flu season begins amid fewer restrictions on social interaction.

Quiz: Surprising Facts about Flu Shots

By on 12/04/2019
There are lots of misconceptions about flu shots. This quiz separates fact from fiction.
Diseases & Conditions

An Intern at the Center of the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918

By on 02/22/2019
'I have been going through a living hell,' he wrote to his parents 100 years ago.
Diseases & Conditions

Cold or Flu? How to Tell Them Apart

By on 01/23/2019
How to know the difference between these common viral infections
Health & Wellness

Is this Flu Season Cause for Worry?

By on 01/30/2018
The flu is widespread in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Einstein infectious disease specialist Eric Sachinwalla, MD, provides answers.