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How to Sneak in Extra Exercise This Month

By on 12/20/2022
We get it—you’re busy. But with these tips, you can still find time to exercise.
Fitness & Nutrition

8 Tips for Baking Healthier Cookies Everyone Will Love

By on 12/16/2022
You may be surprised by how delicious cookies can taste even with these healthy substitutions.
Health & Wellness

Surprising Ways the Holidays Cause Back Pain

By on 12/12/2022
Is your back aching as you go through the holiday frenzy? This may be why.
Fitness & Nutrition

Mac and Cheese With Squash Offers Healthy, Creamy Goodness

By on 12/27/2021
Pureed butternut squash completes this variation on a classic dish.
Fitness & Nutrition

A Low-Fat Holiday Treat: Santa Hat Brownies

By on 12/23/2021
These little strawberry-topped gems have just 69 calories each.