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Heart Valve Disease

Einstein Untold: Unsung Heroes and Unknown Stories

In Africa, Diagnosing a Heart Condition That’s Rare Here

By on 10/10/2022
Dr. Gregg Pressman volunteered to evaluate possible valve damage in rheumatic heart disease patients in Rwanda.
Cardiology Surgery

Retired Einstein Doctor Comes Home for Major Valve Procedure

By on 09/17/2021
At age 80, Dr. Ierachmiel Daskal took lengthy bike rides -- until he couldn't do it anymore because of symptoms.
Diseases & Conditions

MitraClip Repairs Leaking Valve When Surgery’s Not an Option

By on 11/13/2019
Low-risk procedure brings relief for some very sick patients.

Einstein Answers: Frequent Questions About Heart Disease

By on 10/21/2019
Dr. Raymond Singer discusses treatments for coronary artery disease and valve disease.