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Einstein Untold: Unsung Heroes and Unknown Stories

Cardiologist Specially Trained to Treat Those With Great Need, and High Risk

By on 08/19/2019
He finds a way to treat patients with extensive artery disease and other serious health problems.
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He Didn’t Expect Heart Disease at 41 — Until His Cardiologist Friend Took a Look

By on 05/08/2019
Despite his youth, Dennis Matthew had severe artery blockages.
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Einstein Cardiologist First in the City to Use New Cardiac Monitor

By on 12/21/2017
The tiny cardiac monitor is implanted in a procedure that is brief and minimally invasive.
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Can Strengthening Your Muscles Also Strengthen Your Heart?

By on 02/04/2017
Here are five activities that build lean muscle AND can improve your heart health.
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Getting Back in Shape after a Heart Attack

By on 02/01/2017
Here are five things you can do for a safer and more successful cardiac rehab.