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Heat Emergencies

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Watch Out for Heat-Related Illness

By on 07/15/2021
Here's what to do to prevent and treat heat exhaustion, heat stroke and other illnesses that kill hundreds each year.
Health & Wellness

No AC? How to Stay Cool in the World of COVID

By on 08/03/2020
Your go-to options for cooling off may now be different, but these tips help you stay cooler.
Health & Wellness

Stay Safe When Heat and Humidity Are High

By on 07/28/2016
“It’s actually heat and humidity working together that our bodies don’t like,” says Robert Czincila, DO, chief of Emergency Medicine, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.
Health & Wellness

How to Stay Safe As the Weather Warms Up

By on 06/26/2015
Now is the time for illnesses and injuries that are typically associated with warm weather.