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High Blood Pressure


Emergency Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

By on 06/19/2020
Emergency Department traffic is down since COVID-19, but some symptoms really should be checked out right away.
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Infographic: Do You Have High Blood Pressure?

By on 05/18/2020
The first step in managing high blood pressure is knowing your numbers.
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Einstein Answers: Frequent Questions About High Blood Pressure

By on 05/20/2019
Basic facts about this common condition and its causes, symptoms, and treatments
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Einstein Expert: African-Americans Benefit Most from New Blood Pressure Guidelines

By on 11/21/2017
African Americans have a higher prevalence of hypertension, says an Einstein expert, and hypertension is one of the most important modifiable risk factors for heart disease.
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The Hidden Dangers of Masked Hypertension

By on 02/02/2017
Is it possible to have hypertension without even knowing it? According to a new study, this is the case for one in eight Americans.