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Einstein Untold: Unsung Heroes and Unknown Stories

Doctor’s Gift of Life Saved Her Mother

By on 09/12/2022
Theresa Reno gave part of her liver to her mom, who had urged her to avoid a medical career because of the stress.

Perfect Match: 25 New Residents Join Einstein Internal Medicine Program

By on 03/21/2016
It's a rite of passage celebrated annually in medical schools throughout the country.

A Look at Einstein’s Internal Medicine Program with Director Glenn Eiger, MD

By on 11/16/2015

From left: Resident Shannon Tosounian, DO; Glenn Eiger, MD, director, Internal Medicine Residency Program; David Wheeler, MD, chief resident (photo by Wes Hilton)

Glenn Eiger, MD, is associate chairman, Department…


A Chief Resident on Einstein’s Internal Medicine Residency Program

By on 11/01/2015
David Wheeler, MD, says the program offered a good balance of clinical practice and research.

“I Can’t Believe I Am Lucky Enough to be Around the People I Work With”

By on 10/14/2015
For new Einstein internal medicine resident Shannon Tosounian, DO, there was never any question: It was always medicine.