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‘Breast-Cancer Genes’ May Also Increase Prostate Cancer Risk

By on 06/30/2022
Men may benefit from genetic testing if family members have breast cancers linked to the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.
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Infographic: 7 Ways Men Can Take Charge of Their Health

By on 06/17/2020
The top health threats for men are preventable – but these tips can keep you healthier.

Einstein Answers: Frequent Questions About Prostate Cancer

By on 09/24/2019
Dr. Serge Ginzburg covers what you want to know, from screening through treatment.

Infographic: Cancer Screenings Men Need

By on 09/09/2019
These are three of the most common cancers affecting men and the screenings that can help detect them.

Einstein Answers: Frequent Questions About Erectile Dysfunction

By on 06/28/2019
What men want to know about this common sexual issue and how it's treated