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Alternatives to Opioids for Treatment of Pain

Physical Therapy Often ‘the Best Medicine’ for Pain

By on 06/29/2022
Exercises tailored to each individual can address the causes of pain and improve strength, function and more.
Einstein Untold: Unsung Heroes and Unknown Stories

Her Makeup ‘Hobby’ Helps Patients Affirm Gender or Recover Skills

By on 06/27/2022
Occupational therapist Stephanie Stein founded Groom, Glow and Grow along with social worker Rebecca Carpino.

Gender-Affirming Voice Therapy at MossRehab

By on 06/13/2022
Speech-Language Pathologist Alyssa Giegerich offers care for transgender and gender-expansive patients.
Einstein Untold: Unsung Heroes and Unknown Stories

After Troubled Childhood, She Focuses on Acts of Caring

By on 05/16/2022
Sandra Horgan, Nurse Manager at MossRehab’s Drucker Brain Injury Center, is a Keeper of the Dream Award winner.

25 Years of Medical and Social Support for People With Aphasia

By on 04/06/2022
The family of actor Bruce Willis recently said he would stop acting because of this condition, which impairs speech.