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Alternatives to Opioids for Treatment of Pain

Why We Feel Pain and Why It Can Last So Long

By on 06/22/2022
Malfunctions in the complex signaling between the brain and nervous system can cause pain to endure instead of get better.
Alternatives to Opioids for Treatment of Pain

Treating Surgical Pain With Reduced Opioids

By on 06/15/2022
Using other drugs and less overall medication minimizes side effects and risk of developing dependency.
Einstein Untold: Unsung Heroes and Unknown Stories

Social Worker Brings Life Experiences to Opioid Use Disorder Care

By on 09/07/2021
Lauren Scarpiello doesn't judge Emergency Department patients who abuse drugs because she's been there.
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Einstein Montgomery Receives First Place Safety Award

By on 11/15/2018
Nursing leaders instituted a program that sounds an alarm in seconds when a patient is in respiratory distress.

Volunteer Cuddlers Bring a Special Touch to the NICU

By on 04/16/2018
Some special cases can be challenging—like infants withdrawing from opiates. It's about a lot more than rocking a baby.