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Should You Use Ice or Heat for Joint Pain?

By on 10/06/2021
Both treatments are often used to ease pain, but when is it best to use each one?

How to Take Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers Safely

By on 09/30/2021
You don't need a prescription, but over-the-counter pain relievers are not risk-free. Here's a guide to safe use.

Nitrous Oxide Another Option for Coping With Labor

By on 09/11/2019
"Laughing gas" available at Einstein Montgomery, coming soon to Philadelphia.
Health & Wellness

Got Pain? Skip the Drugs and Try This

By on 09/06/2018
The best way to prevent misuse of opioid drugs is to avoid taking them in the first place.

Meet Pain Interventionist S. Nadeem Ahsan, MD

By on 05/18/2016
Dr. Ahsan oversees patient treatment plans for a wide range of chronic pain conditions—and he has a few hidden talents.