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Alternatives to Opioids for Treatment of Pain

Physical Therapy Often ‘the Best Medicine’ for Pain

By on 06/29/2022
Exercises tailored to each individual can address the causes of pain and improve strength, function and more.
Alternatives to Opioids for Treatment of Pain

Why We Feel Pain and Why It Can Last So Long

By on 06/22/2022
Malfunctions in the complex signaling between the brain and nervous system can cause pain to endure instead of get better.
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Should You Use Ice or Heat for Joint Pain?

By on 10/06/2021
Both treatments are often used to ease pain, but when is it best to use each one?

How to Take Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers Safely

By on 09/30/2021
You don't need a prescription, but over-the-counter pain relievers are not risk-free. Here's a guide to safe use.

Nitrous Oxide Another Option for Coping With Labor

By on 09/11/2019
"Laughing gas" available at Einstein Montgomery, coming soon to Philadelphia.