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Alternatives to Opioids for Treatment of Pain

Medical Marijuana: An Alternative Treatment for Chronic Pain

By on 07/27/2022
Doctors must "certify" that a patient has a condition eligible for treatment under the state's medical marijuana law.
Alternatives to Opioids for Treatment of Pain

Relieving Pain With Medications Other Than Opioids

By on 07/20/2022
Einstein specialists have tapered people off opioids and treated new pain with a variety of drugs and other treatments.
Alternatives to Opioids for Treatment of Pain

Minor Procedures Can Make Major Difference in Chronic Pain

By on 07/13/2022
Radiofrequency ablation, electrical nerve stimulation and an implanted medication pump are among the options.
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Should You Use Ice or Heat for Joint Pain?

By on 10/06/2021
Both treatments are often used to ease pain, but when is it best to use each one?

How to Take Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers Safely

By on 09/30/2021
You don't need a prescription, but over-the-counter pain relievers are not risk-free. Here's a guide to safe use.