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Video: Holiday Food Safety Tips

By on 11/27/2019
Here's how to make your food the star of the show and not a show-stopper.

Food Baskets Brighten Thanksgiving for Cancer Patients’ Families

By on 11/26/2019
City councilman supports Einstein staff efforts with turkey donation.
Fitness & Nutrition

A Diabetic-Friendly Holiday Meal Plan

By on 11/22/2019
These tweaks make your holiday meal diabetic-friendly and healthier for the whole family.
Fitness & Nutrition

What to Do With the Leftovers: Healthy Turkey Soup

By on 11/22/2017
Make this easy soup with some leftover Thanksgiving turkey. It will be ready in about an hour.
Fitness & Nutrition

A Sweet Healthy Treat for the Holidays: Sweet Potato Pie

By on 11/21/2017
Made with less sugar and fewer eggs than traditional sweet potato pie, this easy recipe is light, creamy and delicious.