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Fitness & Nutrition

10 Ideas for Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers

By on 11/23/2022
Don’t let all that delicious food go to waste. Here are some ideas to make your leftovers shine.
Health & Wellness

Why It’s Important to Know Your Family’s Health History

By on 11/16/2022
Knowing about any health issues that run in your family can help keep you healthier.
Fitness & Nutrition

Light, Luscious and Heart-Healthy Sweet Potato Pie

By on 11/24/2021
Reducing the sugar and eggs makes for a guilt-free Thanksgiving treat.
Health & Wellness

The Health Benefits of Gratitude

By on 11/17/2021
Focusing on the good things in your life may improve your mental and physical health.
Diseases & Conditions

Quiz: Which of These Helps Prevent Heartburn?

By on 11/25/2020
If you have a burning feeling in your chest after eating, learn how to get relief.