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Three Ways to Avoid Weight Gain After You Quit Smoking

By on 02/23/2022
These tips will help keep your weight in check after you stop smoking.
Health & Wellness

Do This to Avoid Weight Gain After Menopause

By on 10/02/2019
Do changing hormones doom you to gaining weight or can you stop it from happening?
Health & Wellness

Five Ways to Help Your Partner Lose Weight

By on 07/01/2019
You want your partner to be healthier but he or she needs a nudge to get going. Here's how to help.
Bariatric Surgery

Bariatrics Team Offers Empathetic Care
for Often-Ignored Patients With Obesity

By on 05/01/2019
New website fills the gap with information on weight-loss surgery.
Health & Wellness

Is Stress Causing You to Gain Weight?

By on 04/26/2019
Feeling stressed – and noticing your waistline expanding? These foods can stop that from happening.