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The Benefits of SmartCurve™

By on 09/20/2018

For more than 50 years, there has been a stigma associated with mammography. The pain felt during a mammogram often keeps women from scheduling their annual screening, creating a habit of bad breast health.

A recent study revealed that seven out of 10 women reported some degree of pain during their screening. In fact, pain was recently found to be the No. 1 complaint women have with a mammogram.

What’s worse: women share the complaint with their friends and family, spreading the stigma even more. But the days of a painful mammogram are gone thanks to a new technology called SmartCurve.

What is SmartCurve?

Up until now, mammogram machines were equipped with traditional flat paddles which, when compressing the breast during screening, caused painful pinching. The SmartCurve paddle is curved to fit the shape of a woman’s breast, offering up to 93 percent more comfort during a mammogram.

The SmartCurve system, when used alongside the 3D mammogram machine, is also the sole mammogram that’s proven to be more comfortable and more accurate compared to a 2D mammogram.

How Does SmartCurve Work?

With a traditional paddle, there is often a complaint about the amount of time that the breast is compressed as well as how the pressure is distributed on the breast. The SmartCurve paddle allows better distribution of force over the entire breast, which ultimately results in less pinching.

Who Created SmartCurve?

Dr. Stephen Rose, Director of Clinical Research and Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for Solis Mammography, has made it his mission to change the conversation around mammography. In fact, Dr. Rose was one of the key pioneers behind the creation of 3D Mammography.

In partnership with Hologic, Dr. Rose was highly involved in the initial research of 3D Mammography and fought to get the new curved paddle approved by the FDA. The approval of the SmartCurve paddle resulted in a more comfortable mammogram for women everywhere.

Is SmartCurve Available for Everyone?

Because each SmartCurve paddle is adaptable, it can be used for most women and breast sizes. For some women who have undergone breast augmentation, the breast tissue may be too thin, in which case a traditional flat paddle may need to be used. If you are not a candidate for the SmartCurve paddle, your technologist will let you know prior to your screening.

How to Prepare for Your SmartCurve Mammogram

Preparation for a SmartCurve mammogram is no different than a traditional screening. If you are a new patient of the Einstein Healthcare Network, it is important that you bring a copy of your records from any previous mammogram. If you’ve been to one of our breast centers before, your records should be on file.

During the exam you will be provided a cape for additional privacy, so it’s recommended that you wear a skirt or pants with a top, so you can keep your bottoms on during the exam. Avoid wearing a dress if possible.

Where Can You Get a SmartCurve Mammogram?

The new SmartCurve mammogram is currently offered at our centers in East Norriton and King of Prussia, as a Department of Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, and in Philadelphia, as a Department of Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia.

Each center provides state-of-the-art screening services, a friendly staff that will make you feel at home, patient-focused technologists and mammographers, and greater comfort with the new SmartCurve technology.

To schedule your SmartCurve mammogram, click here.



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