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Travel Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

By on 08/02/2018

Taking a vacation can create memories you cherish for a lifetime. But in addition to the excitement and anticipation of planning your trip, take these precautions so you remember your trip for the right reasons.

Here are nine things to add to your travel planning checklist:

  1. Assess potential travel risks. Check government websites for travel advisories, especially if you are traveling abroad. Find out if you need any vaccines or medications to protect you from diseases or illnesses common in the areas you’ll be visiting.
  2. Plan out your activities. Research what you want to do while at your destination and be realistic about your fitness level and physical abilities before signing up.
  3. Consider travel insurance. This is especially important if you are out of the country, where your regular medical insurance won’t cover medical care.
  4. Document your medical history. Keep records of medical conditions, current medications, known allergies and vaccines. Store this with your important travel documents.
  5. Prepare for long flights or rides. Pack medications in a carry-on bag. Wear comfortable clothing. Get up and move around often to prevent leg swelling and reduce the chance of blood clots. Stay well-hydrated and bring healthy snacks.
  6. Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands as often as possible with soap and water. Carry hand sanitizer to clean hands when there’s no soap and water around.
  7. Watch what you eat. If you’re not sure about the safety of a food, don’t eat it. Stick to bottled water and skip the ice in developing countries.
  8. Protect yourself from the elements. Don’t forget sunscreen, bug spray and clothing appropriate for the weather conditions where you’ll be traveling.
  9. Pack a first-aid kit. Take medications to combat motion sickness, stomach upset, allergies and common illnesses. Also pack supplies to treat sunburn, splinters, bug bites and stings if you will be outdoors.


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